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Deluxe Internal Halyard Series Flagpoles (320473)

These internal halyard flagpoles contain a winch mounted inside the flagpole shaft, operable only with a removable crank handle. As the stainless steel cable unwinds from the winch, it passes up through the inside of the flagpole shaft, over the truck sheave to the outside of the shaft, where the retainer ring provides a sliding anchor. A counterweight, heavily coated with neoprene, attached to the retainer ring, allows the halyard to be lowered for fastening or removing the flag. The halyard is then raised completely out of reach of vandals. The improved winch is gearless and self-locking at any point, eliminating the need for a separate brake. This direct drive winch provides rapid raising and lowering of the flag with little effort. This new, improved design does not require any welding, thus avoiding discoloration when an anodized finish is desired. No monthly lubrication is needed and this winch system is easily adaptable to existing on-site flagpoles.

Standard Features

  • Gold Anodized aluminum ball ornament (optional)
  • Cast aluminum revolving truck with enclosed stainless steel bearings and raceway
  • Stainless Steel Cable Assembly
  • Deluxe Flag Arrangement
  • Retainer ring and counterweight
  • M-Winch System
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Galvanized steel foundation sleeve
Freight and installation not included. Call for freight and installation quotes.

Exposed Overall Butt Top Unflagged Flagged Shipping
Model  Height Length Dia Dia Wall Flag Size Wind Speed Wind Speed Satin Finish Bronze Anodized Black Anodized Weight
ECX20IH 20' 23' 5" 3" .125" 3'x5' 250 MPH 120+ MPH $3,000 $3,510 $3,640 129 lbs.
ECX25IH 25' 27' 5" 3" .125" 4'x6' 144 MPH 104 MPH $3,310 $3,880 $4,000 139 lbs.
ECX30IH 30' 33' 5" 3" .125" 5'x8' 110 MPH 75 MPH $3,530 $4,220 $4,370 177 lbs.
ECX35IH 35' 38-1/2' 6" 3-1/2" .156" 6'x10' 122 MPH 91 MPH $6,060 $7,000 $7,240 261 lbs.
ECX40IH 40' 44' 7" 3-1/2" .156" 8'x12' 125 MPH 91 MPH $7,510 $8,710 $9,010 282 lbs.
ECX50IH 50' 55' 8" 3-1/2" .188" 10'x15' 118 MPH 85 MPH $9,530 $11,250 $11,620 443 lbs.
ECX60IH 60' 66' 10" 4" .188" 12'x18' 122 MPH 90 MPH $13,520 $18,980 $1,640 675 lbs.
ECX70IH 70' 77' 10" 4" .312" 15'x25' 127 MPH 91 MPH $18,780 $21,870 $22,310 1042 lbs.

 *Prices include all standard accessories.
Models 30' and 35' available in both one and two section styles; please specify when placing your order. Single section pole(s) will be shipped if not specified. Add 10% to listed price for two-section poles.
Models 40' and larger are in multi-piece pole(s) only.

Cone tapered ground set aluminum flagpoles are made from 6063-T6 tubing. Poles less than 35' are shipped in one piece. Longer poles are in sections and field assembled with a self-aligning sleeve which requires no welding.

Poles are double-wrapped in protective paper and shipped in a hard fiber tube. Unwrapped poles must be kept dry to prevent staining.

Recommended flag sizes do not represent a warranty that the flag size shown may be safely flown in all wind speeds.

It is important that flagpoles be selected that are capable of supporting the largest flag intended to be flown in the highest wind speed to which it will be subjected.

Flagpoles and their associated wind speeds listed assume that ten percent of the overall length is buried in an appropriate footer.

Deluxe Internal Halyard Series Flagpoles

Additional Images:

ECX60IH 60' flying 12'x18' Poly-Max flag  EC80IH 80'  Flagpole Diagram 

Miscellaneous :

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